In my art practice, I attempt to intervene in the psychological and physical distances that emerge where the global meets the everyday, using my personal experiences and imagination as spring board: As I meditate on the routine of breakfast and commuting, or the surrounding atmosphere and wind, I gaze at current social issues such as social divisions, global mobility, and environmental pollutions.

Having lived as “others” in various societies in the world, I acquired resilience, parallax, and the privilege to leap. I practice them to play with rules, norms, and logics. Being inspired by the background, thoughts and experiences of people I encounter, I ruminate on the findings and questions that evolve in the shades of distances, with my old self, and with my interlocutors.


My intervention aims to invite people to look afresh at their values and relation to the surrounding world. It manifests in various forms, as I always search for human idioms that resonate, appreciating deviations and slow-actings: installations with repeated structure that question the gap between appearance, perception, and interpretation; acts that look at the invisible through simple daily movements; relational projects with people that use post, plants, food culture as social media; and essays that reflect and experiment on the margins of my practice.


Recent years, I deliberately take in structural and theoretical flaw and uncontrollable element to explore “openings/openness” generated by them, enjoying a certain sense of tension brought by organic nature and uncertainty. Placing my practice in a social and relational context that limits its time, place, and people involved, I am challenging the issues that emerge there - how to address and reach out to the most distant in the world that is divided and opposed in various ways; and how to translate the elements that are invisible or do not leave any substantial trace into some expression without being second-hand but lively.