Independent Studies and Rubin's Vase (2016)


installation (mixed media)

at UTRECHT/NOW IDeA, Tokyo, Japan

The Tree and Other Trees (2017)


act + installation (mixed media)

at Konst-ig, Stockholm, Sweden

Collecting Distances (2015)


artist's book / project (book production and distribution)

edition of 380, 17 x 24 x 1.2 cm, 128 page

graphic design: Audrey Templier, introduction text: Mats Stjernstedt

Smultronstället (no absolute) (2016)


triptych (inkjet on Japanese washi paper)

36.2 x 51.5 cm each

Smultronstället (2014-)


act + installation (a book with pressed flowers and plants inside, selected books found at the location)

at ARAI500, Switzerland; Arts Maebashi, Japan; Echigo-Tsumari, Japan

Bookshelf (2014-2015)


act + installation

image: 326 x 218 cm, text: 11.3 x 18.5, 12.0x 19.7 cm, shelf: 24 x 45 x 2 cm

Wind Ensemble (in four movements) (2014-2015)


act + installation (projector, 4 images projected on A4 paper, text)


Pure Diffusion (2016) [part of Stereoscope on Society]


project (social and urban intervention)

at Indice 50, Paris, France

Scratch (2014)


social/urban project (durational process performance, drawing presentation)

at La Generale en Manufacture, Sèvres, and Paris, France




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